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Online training designed to improve all aspects of your business and personal life.

Dr. Mark Costes, Kiera Dent, and Alastair Macdonald view dentistry from three different perspectives: Dentist, Team Member, and Business Owner.

Each has spent years on the road coaching dentists in the trenches where they were granted behind the curtain access to hundreds of dental practices.

This experience has given them a unique point of view, as well as, the opportunity to spot the patterns, habits, and trends of practices that perpetually struggle versus those that consistently overachieve.

Our goal at DSU is to distill the lessons from our own personal successes and failures in addition to those learned by coaching some of the most successful practices in the world into a digestible, organized, all-encompassing curriculum.

If you are finally ready to take your practice to the next level and to discover your full potential, you are in the right place…


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