Dental A-Team is the company doing what matters by actually training and creating your front office Dental A-Team!


Dental A-Team - The Truth is in the Training!  


Doctors - you take the CE, listen to podcasts, attend seminars, and try your best to inspire your teams! However, team training is one of the hardest tasks! It is tricky to train teams because, in dentistry, we all live in our own isolated planets, trying our best to figure out best practices and ideas.

Dental A-Team is the TEAM training that comes from people who don't just understand you, but are YOU! We have been in the trenches, working in every single position in the dental office to give REAL, HANDS ON EXPERIENCE that will change your practice.

Why not take the easy route, learn from hundreds of best practices to take you and your team to the A-Team level!



Frequently Asked Questions

Our videos are designed with busy team members in mind! Short, 5-7 minute videos with action-packed ideas that can be implemented TODAY! Here’s a short F.A.Q. of what you can expect from our expansive array of videos.

The Dental A-Team is a group of professionals- dentists, practice owners, office managers, treatment coordinators, schedules, billers, dental assistants and hygienists-- that are here to help train your team in an easy, fun, and approachable way. The Dental A-Team doesn’t just understand you, we ARE YOU!

The Dental A-Team Online Training is a platform that includes hundreds of videos and a vault of documents all containing real-life verbiage, scenarios, and scripting to help you and your team LEVEL UP! We don’t call ourselves the A-Team without a strong backing; we have implemented these topics in hundreds of offices globally, have done it ourselves, and know that it WORKS!

We have carefully designed over 100 training videos for the members of your team. Each month we will unlock new videos for office managers, schedulers, dental assistants, treatment coordinators, billers and hygienists!


Here is just a small sample of the types of training videos we have crafted to help you design your Dental A-Team!

Office Managers

- How to delegate

- Management vs dictatorship

- The hard conversations

- KPI- what does this even mean?

- What does an OM even do?


- What an ideal schedule should look like

- How to reduce cancellations

- Recare and reactivation

- Screening calls - the Org Chart protocol

Dental Assistants

- The perfect handoff

- Sterilizing a room

- Asking for reviews

- Adding same-day treatment


Treatment Coordinators

- Talking money

- The art of silence

- Superb follow-up

- Improving case acceptance

- Case presentation- real-life examples


- How to track write-offs

- How to read an EOB

- Entering payments the easiest way

- Membership plans


- Handoffs

- Talking Perio

- How to present SRPs

- T-up treatment for better case acceptance

If you are finally ready to train your team in an easy, proven, and profitable way, CLICK BELOW and join our family!  We look forward to seeing you inside!

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